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About MMW

Call Moodie Mair Walker and we make it a point to pick up our own phone. Everyone from our senior partners to associates. Why? To be there for you right from the first conversation. On any given day.

MMW is a boutique litigation firm by choice. Our partners all worked for big Bay Street firms but then saw a way to do it better. Our idea is to practice law on a smaller scale with a more personal touch and attention to detail. Of course, our big firm experience also gives us an edge over other smaller scale firms as well.

The more personal human touch is key. It influences how we respond to you in a phone call. How we help you secure a successful resolution. Or when called upon, how we defend your case in court.

They say if you’re looking for the best restaurants, find out where the top chefs like to dine. It so happens that MMW is a firm of choice for lawyers who themselves need representation in insurance-related matters. We take that as a compliment – but MMW can represent anyone in need of a true advocate to come to their defence.

Excellent representation is only a phone call away. Explore Practice Areas to learn more about all the ways we can help.

Insurance Defence Litigation

Trust Moodie Mair Walker to be a powerful advocate in all kinds of difficult circumstances.

We have earned an exceptional track record in handling serious property and casualty cases. Our team is frequently retained to defend complex liability cases, as well as the most serious of catastrophic damages cases, including those involving traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

We also regularly handle litigation arising out of defective products, automobile and trucking accidents, and premises liability.

We can help you deal with a host of situations and issues, including fire, construction defects, equipment breakdown, business interruption, environmental impairment, fraud, floods, bad faith, and professional liability.

For whatever you might face, MMW is your best line of defence.

Insurance Coverage

From experience, we know that insurance coverage cases can be both risky and complicated. So for Moodie Mair Walker, it’s all about creating clarity at every stage.

When you face a coverage problem, you need a clear understanding of what your policy does and does not cover. You need a clear opinion from your lawyers and you need to be confident their interpretation is correct. You also want to be absolutely certain your lawyers will stand by their opinion in the crunch.

MMW brings strong credentials to the table for insurance policy interpretation, coverage litigation, and policy drafting.

Advocates you can trust. Clarity you can understand. Contact us if this is where you need to be.

Plaintiff Personal Injury

If ever you are seriously injured, your mind will be flooded with important questions. What are my legal rights? Am I entitled to compensation? What if I cannot work for a long time? Or perhaps ever again?

With so much at stake, you need and deserve clear, concise answers. Our personal injury lawyers listen to every detail of your story in order to provide high quality advice to set your mind at ease.

We can call upon decades of experience in personal injury law and insurance law to help your cause. Our personal injury team is relentlessly dedicated to helping you recover fair and just compensation, so you can get on with the business of healing and putting your life back together.

If this sounds like what you need, let’s book a consultation. It’s free and if we accept your case, our lawyers will work on a contingency fee basis. No fees will be charged until we resolve your case.

Professional Malpractice

When you need a sharp defence in errors and omissions litigation, Moodie Mair Walker are the lawyers of choice. We are called upon to represent a diverse array of professionals including accountants, surveyors, real estate agents, insurance brokers, landscape architects, clergymen, nurses and elder care providers.

Most telling of all, MMW is frequently the firm that other lawyers turn to when they get sued. We’ve earned a sterling reputation amongst our peers. We also act as preferred counsel for the insurance company that insures Ontario’s lawyers. MMW partners Robin Moodie, Michael Kealy, and Bronwyn Martin often act as repair counsel, stepping into the place of a client’s lawyer for the purposes of a discreet issue or a motion.

You can trust MMW to treat your profession with the utmost professionalism.