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At MMW, we make it a priority to bring law students into the heart of our firm. Our students learn the parts of the profession you can’t discover in a classroom. If you are interested in articling with our firm for the 2022-2023 programme, please forward your resume, transcripts and cover letter to:

Current Students

MMW has hired two articling students for the 2021-2022 programme: Faith Reid and Liam Walmsley.

Former Students

Here’s what some of our former students say about their experiences at MMW:

Daryl Gan
“I was fortunate enough to spend two summers with MMW, where I was constantly exposed to immersive learning opportunities. When I was offered the chance to return to article, I did not hesitate. I am always working on interesting files and given detailed feedback and support. It is difficult to single out one aspect that makes MMW so special, but if I had to, it would have to be the people. I have had the pleasure of fostering genuine relationships and connections both in and out of the office. There is a culture of mentorship and support that permeates throughout this office. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, I have been fortunate to attend zoom trials, examinations for discovery, negotiations, and mediations. My articling experience with MMW has provided me with the perfect platform to embark on my budding legal career and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.”

Sean Torrie
“To understand litigation, you need to see it and then you need to experience it. Moodie Mair Walker offered me the opportunity to watch experienced litigators argue cases and the chance to participate in the work myself. The highlight of my articles was being involved in a 15-day jury trial. I got to experience firsthand what happens at a trial from start to finish and see what it takes to be successful at trial. Knowing what it takes to win a trial and knowing when to avoid a trial is critical to being a successful advocate.”

Maximir Luburic
“From the first time I walked through the doors at MMW I knew it was a special place. Throughout articling I was consistently provided with hands-on learning experiences, while being supported by knowledgeable and kind people. This experience thoroughly prepared me for a legal career.”

Dylan Coady
“Articling presents a daunting challenge; it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. I can’t say enough about my experience at Moodie Mair Walker. From the beginning, I was entrusted with the responsibility of tackling assignments on my own and encouraged to seek guidance from my colleagues when needed. This mentorship dynamic made for a hands-on learning experience that let me put my skills to the test in a controlled environment.”

Mirel Giugaru
“I remember many of my articling assignments vividly. In my first month I drafted factums for a commercial litigation dispute and for the Court of Appeal. I went on motions, appeals, mediations, examinations for discovery. I ran my own small claims file. I went on assignment to draw a charcoal outline of a sewer grate someone fell in to use at a mediation, and investigated a fake business front, going to the business address, and speaking to someone I was sure was not who they said they were. At MMW you learn by doing, and you have the safety net of experienced, able, and most importantly nice, senior lawyers to help you along.”