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Daryl spent his formative years in Singapore, before moving home to Ottawa for a career in finance. But being a lawyer looked so good on television that Daryl was persuaded to go back to school for his JD at the University of Ottawa. In his off hours, Daryl enjoys exploring the food and bar scene in Toronto and beyond—he loves to find new cultures and foods from around the world. Daryl’s experience living abroad has gifted him an open mind, and his cultural sensitivity guides him in both his work and his life.

Practice Areas

Insurance litigation
Professional liability

Call to the Bar

Ontario, 2021


J.D., University of Ottawa, 2020
HBCom (cum laude), University of Ottawa, 2010

A Reasonable System of Inspection and Detailed Cleaning Logs Can Keep Liability Away
The duty of care for janitorial contractors is reasonableness and not perfection; they do not have to remove every possibility of danger. In a recent Ontario Superior Court decision, the Court held …