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On February 7th, 2023, the case management judge approved the terms of the settlements of the claims by the CWT subclass and the Beauregard subclass. Copies of the Judge’s Orders are attached in PDF format. Members of the CWT subclass are defined as follows:

Clients of Verbeek who transferred funds from their Registered Retirement Plans to CWT to make the CCPC share purchases, which shares then were held in a CWT account.

Members of the Beauregard subclass as defined as follows:

Clients of Brian Verbeek (“Verbeek”) for whom Rene Beauregard wrote letters and signed documents certifying that the CCPCs were qualified investments under the Income Tax Act for locked-in retirement savings.

The court has appointed Ricepoint as the Administrator of the settlement. Ricepoint will send forms to be completed by persons who fall within the two subclasses. If you are a member of one of the subclasses, and you have recently changed your address, please forward your new address to us at: